About BlueTMS

BlueTMS is a cloud based ticketing system for tracking department incidents and requests. Whether you a department of 1 person, or 100, BlueTMS can be utilized to meet any departmental need.

Ticket Prioritization

With our automatic ticket prioritization system, queue users will know exactly which tasks to complete next. If a critical priority level ticket is submitted, a SMS text message alert is sent to the cell phone number of your choice. This is known to be extremely useful in an on-call scenario.

Reporting & End User Feedback

Easily know how efficient queues are with an efficiency overview report. This shows ticket resolution data in real time as well as a month to month basis. Queue users can also retrieve end user feedback when each ticket is resolved.

Mobile Friendly

Both end users and queue users benefit from our mobile friendly experience. There is no need to be tied to a desktop when users submit their ticket, and productivity sky rockets when tickets can be completed or viewed from a mobile device.

Ticket Transfers

Sometimes queue users can not resolve a ticket, and will need to transfer the ticket to another queue. Simply change the Queue ID of the ticket, and the ticket will be transferred to that queue even if the queue is owned by a different organization.